Soapy Massage

Lots of men – and even some women – consider a soapy the most delightful and sexy couple of hours a person can spend. You’re is pampered, undressed, immersed in a Jacuzzi of warm water. A woman gets in beside the you and washes you from head to toe with her body, often primarily employing her pubic region as the primary instrument. Soap, bubbles and lots of friction are applied. Soapy massages usually finish with a happy ending.

Usually when you enter a soapy, you’ll sit down in some type of ‘reception area’, have a drink and a look at the ladies. This can be a generally range from the likes of a pick-up bar with ladies wandering around chatting up customers, to the ‘fish bowl’ variety where a large glass window separates customers from a selection of women tagged with numbers. Point and choose based on looks and interaction or tell the mamasan or papasan what you like and they will parade a half dozen girls out for viewing and chatting. Money is exchanged – usually about 1,500 to several thousands of baht – and the ‘soapy’ is under way. Then it is time to relax; the woman will undress the guest and then help them step in to the bath with her following. The customer is washed by the now naked masseuse and most of the time oral or manual sex ensues.

Then it is time to move to the air mattress where customer gets the soapy massage. The guest is covered with soap and sponged down while the girl starts to massage them with her body. During this body massage the woman will use a particular part of her own body to slither, rub and grind over just about every inch of the customer’s body. After the massage is finished, there is usually another quick shower with manual and/or oral stimulation. Then it is off to the conveniently equipped and well-placed bed in the massage room. From here the guest can choose how to find their own happy ending. The time for all this is normally 90 minutes.