I like short attention span theater, so I’ve gathered up (and created my own) lots of YouTube playlists about very specific topics relating to Pattaya. While I’m infinitely grateful to the many Pattaya forums, expecially Pattaya-Addicts, for guiding me on my first trips, I often got bogged down reading through a six figure count of posts; great advice, but I was often not seeing the forest for the trees.

I’m basically a visual person (too many Saturday morning cartoons as a child), and there’s just so much great Pattaya imagery out there on YouTube just waiting to be organized. The YouTube playlist is the perfect outlet. Anyone can assemble a long (or short) movie by stringing together individual YouTube clips. I’ve found tons of them, and assembled many more. Pick a topic, grab a couple of beers, put your feet up, and watch the whole movie (playlist.)  The (limited) magic of PattayaVideo.com is to bring some order out of the YouTube madness. Whatever your Pattaya interest, there’s probably many playlists waiting to show you the full flavor.

After 6 trips, I still feel like a newbie; Pattaya probably wouldn’t be half as interesting if I didn’t feel this way.



What's this all about?

Pattaya Video is a great place to collect and watch YouTubes about Pattaya, all in a playlist format. Playlists are ordered groups of individual YouTube videos that you can play like a longer movie, or just watch a part of. We’ve done our best to categorize all the playlists in a number of different ways so that you can focus in, or follow a trail from one topic to another. Up to you!

Do I have to register or pay to watch Pattaya Video?

Hell no! Just dive right in!

Can I link to your site? Can you link to my site?

Yup. Bring it on!

Generally our policy is one of mutual links. The Golden Rule guides our approach. If you give us a link, we’ll give you one. If yours is teeny tiny and hidden away, we’ll probably do the same. If you put a prominent link to Pattaya Video on your site, we’ll give you a prominent spot also. If your link has a “nofollow” attribute, we’ll reciprocate in kind.

And yes, we can take into account a disparity in traffic between your site and ours. Shoot us a note to discuss: pvideo@pattayavideo.com

What about advertising here?

Email us and we’ll figure something out that produces some results for you.

I hear Pattaya's a pretty racy place. Will that be a problem with these playlists?

Not really. All the playlist materials come direct from YouTube and they enforce a set of standards. So… if it’s good with YouTube, it’s good with us.

What if there's something I see here that may involve copyright infringement?

If it is video material, notify YouTube right away. They take copyright violations very seriously. However, if we’re just playing a video that you made public on YouTube, that’s not a violation. You can always make your video non-embeddable or private on YouTube and it will vanish from our site. If there’s something written or a photo on our site that you feel is infringing on your copyright, let us know at pvideo@pattayavideo.com and we’ll take steps to resolve the issue. Our content is user submitted, and while we try to watch out for problems, we sometimes miss these sort of things and appreciate your notification.

I'm offended by something I saw here.

Time to change the channel. Start your own website. Or maybe just come visit Thailand.

Please realize that other parts of the world have different cultural values and the Thai people are remarkably proud of theirs. Whether you’re offended by videos of people eating fried insects or Thailand’s wide range of attitudes towards sexuality and relationships, take some time to understand their culture before imposing your values.