Canterbury Tales

Canterbury Tales Cafe, Guesthouse & Bookshop – Dave from the original English town of Canterbury tends over this Pattaya institution on Soi Chaiyapoon, between Third Road and Soi Buakhao. Well known for hearty breakfasts, comfort food, a large book store of new and used books in English, Thai, and German, a popular guesthouse, and as a meetup place for Pattaya ex-pats… a friendlier place you can not find. Rooms run from 400-800 baht depending on the amenities and are comfortable, modern, and well appointed. The Soi Buakhao area has become increasingly popular with visitors and ex-pats who seek the excitement of Pattaya without the hassle and prices of Walking Street. With English style breakfasts averaging under 100 baht, it’s well worth a stop.

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